Why Employ a Garden Designer?

  • To create a stunning and creative garden that fits your lifestyle
    Whether you want to indulge your passion for plants, to create a safe haven for your children to play in, to entertain your family and friends or whether you just want a low maintenance garden to reflect your hectic lifestyle, the design is individually tailored to your needs.
  • To achieve year-round points of interest in your garden
    This might involve a strategically placed sculpture or planting displaying vividly coloured bark or flowers in the depth of winter, or perhaps evergreen foliage to hold your interest whatever the time of year.
  • To avoid costly gardening mistakes
    We have all done it: planting the wrong plant in the wrong position, this could mean thorny plants too close to a path, plants growing eventually too tall, terrace too small, path in the wrong place and so on, a garden designer should be able to assist you making the right decisions.
  • To enhance the value of your property
    There is no doubt that properties with a well laid-out garden are more attractive to buyers and may actually enhance the value of your property when up for sale.
  • To attract wildlife
    A garden stocked with the right plants to provide nectar and food would create a haven for bees and insects and will in turn attract other creatures and wild life and help protect and increase bio-diversity.
  • To keep maintenance to a minimum
    If you do not have much time or inclination to look after your garden a sympathetic design can save you a lot of work, but still provide you with a beautiful and functional garden.
  • To improve security of your property
    The right choice of plants, surface and boundary treatment, for example, can deter uninvited guests.
  • To assist and consult with gardening advice
    Whether you need a full design service or just advice concerning maintenance of existing plants or new plants you intend to buy, pruning, or the best time to lift and divide plants, or if you want a maintenance plan, a garden designer can help you with all of these tasks.

Poppies and Box Hedge