Project Gallery

Please cast an eye over photos of projects we have completed in the past, but bear in mind that a newly built garden does not show off the work to best effect, as the plants make virtually no impact immediately after planting. Where possible, we have tried to include photos of some more mature planting and hope that you will view this as an on-going project, to be updated in the future.

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  • Barn
    To create a garden around a Barn Conversion, where previously there were muddy cattle yards, areas where potato pickers lived in caravans and a general dumping ground for all manner of rubbish.
  • Jessica P.
    The client is a young professional lady and did not know much about plants, but wanted an urban oasis of calm with low maintenance planting.
  • Elizabeth H.
    The clients' property was surrounded by open countryside with some established hedges around the periphery for shelter.
  • Tony and Debbie M.
    To pull a very disjointed garden visually together, around a beautifully renovated and greatly improved house (well, three really).
  • Margaret and Brian P.
    The clients love their small garden and are very knowledgeable about plants, but over the years the garden had become overgrown and untidy.
  • Lee W.
    Planning Conditions required plans to be submitted for the lay-out design and detailed planting. Some 3 years later the client contacted me as he needed help with changing the planting in the main border.
  • David C.
    This was a newly built property with a very small outdoor space and left in the usual state by the developer, i.e. consisting entirely of subsoil of heavy yellow clay.